Private House, Old Cultra Road

This House develops the design response originally applied by RPP Architects at Clanbrassil Terrace.

Often a completely new house can appear too perfect and uniform. This is fine, indeed desirable, when working with a very contemporary look. However, when working with traditional forms, the build can appear a little homogeneous. In original buildings, the patina left by time adds a quality and integrity to buildings which people are drawn to.

To achieve this quality in a new build, we work closely with both client and builder to ensure the material specification and workmanship are at the highest level. Skilled and experienced craftsmen are central to the successful outcome of this type of build. That said, the construction techniques and systems installed during the build still achieve the same level of cutting-edge technical performance in terms of services, lighting and IT, as one would expect from any contemporary home. Similar to Clanbrassil Terrace, we worked with the client to develop fully-integrated interior design, that whilst not ‘over fussy’, provided the perfect backdrop to both contemporary and classical furnishings and fittings.

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