Portadown Railway Station

The upgrade and refurbishment of Portadown Railway Station has restored a certain civic pride in the town of Portadown as a destination.

A major aim of the design was to address the community’s need for an integrated transport system to make the station fully more accessible to all types of user, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, taxis and bus passengers. With a fully interlinked bus centre, the new station provides much improved service quality for both local people and visitors to the area.

The new footbridge and passenger lifts, with their ‘streamlined’ appearance and panel detailing, replace a subterranean underpass with all its problems of access, lighting and maintenance, to create a modern access point to the platforms.

The former ‘hole in the wall’ entrance at lower level on Obin Street has been transformed into an impressive new main pedestrian entrance with triangular forecourt and a new double-height glazed facade.

A bright, new passenger arrivals hall forms the heart of the new station, supported by enhanced staff accommodation and an upgraded signal control facility. A new draught lobby and waiting area on the platform allow passengers to view the comings and goings of the trains. A cafeteria and shop further enhance the passenger experience.