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Building Information Management/Modelling

Information Management and the coordination, management and  distribution of accurate and standard compliant data, is fundamental to us, at RPP Architects.

RPP Architects Ltd use multiple BIM authoring solutions, Archicad, Revit, clash detection packages Solibri, Inc., Navisworks, Clash Reporting BIMcollab, CDE’s Asite, BIM360 Sherlayer.


We use the tool that is best suited to the project requirements. It is not easy trying to understand so many software packages and their respective workflows, but it does mean we can adapt and have multiple solutions to a host of potential problems.


OpenBIM file format for interoperability and information transfer, with multiple third party software packages. From BIM Authoring all the way to FM Management. It is essential to the client and maintenance of their assets.




Documentation & Standards

Project Information Management

RPP can provide full Project Information Management services on a UK BIM Framework project, for our client. We have extensive experience in RIBA Plan of Work Stages 0-7. Wether it be part of the ICT or partnered with a Contractor in IST. RPP can deliver the requirements expected from a PIM under ISO19650 or PAS1192-2, in compliance with the CIC Outline Scope of Services for the Role of Information Management

The principal responsibilities of the Information Manager can be summarised as:

  • Managing the processes and procedures for information exchange on projects;
  • Initiating and implementing the Project Information Plan and Asset Information Plan;
  • Assisting in preparation of Project Outputs, such as data drops ; and
  • Implementation of the BIM Protocol, including the updating of the MPDT.

The above can be further expanded to include the following:

  1. Common Data Environment Management
  2. Project Information Management
  3. Collaborative working, information exchange and project team management
  4. Additional services

BIM Coordinator

RPP  have provided BIM Coordinator roles on multiple large scale projects, in RIBA Stages 0-7.

Each project needs an individual (or multiple individuals) to help set up the project, audit the model and co-ordinate with all collaborators. Multidisciplinary coordination with BIM is essential. 

This is a project focussed role, primary responsibilities being:

  • In-house ownership of the Project BIM Execution Plan and BIM workflows. (create and maintain)
  • Performing regular audits of the project information and project-specific model philosophies. Establishing quality control procedures.

Using the industry leader in Model validation/checking, Solibri Office, in tandem with BIM Collab Zoom, the team participants interact via our BIM Collab Portal, for collaborative clash/visual/enquiry reporting and engagement. This allows connections between multiple BIM Authoring packages like ARCHICAD, Revit, Vectorworks, Telka etc. Thus enables seamless resolution of clashes and visible accountability. 

Assisting PIM with the handover of model information at project milestones. It is the PIMs role to collate all the information, grant approvals through gateways and then release the data drops etc.

BIM Model Authoring

As a design consultancy, RPP has a very unique outlook, when it comes to BIM Authoring/modelling. We have multiple software packages, that suit various situations.

We find that this puts us in a unique position, whereby we can provide complete OpenBIM solutions and can adapt to synchronise with our client, in order to provide the outputs that they need for asset management purposes and beyond.

We use Vectorworks on 2D projects, that require no BIM input. We have the option of ARCHICAD and Revit, dependant on client requirements on BIM focused projects.


RPP can prepare documentation that clearly defines the requirements and methods of information sharing/collaboration, required by our client. This is in order to have the project progress in an efficient manner that limits risk, increases productivity and improves the quality of deliverables. We have extensive experience of writing bespoke BEP’s/EIR’s for Pre & Post Contract appointment and can assist with creation of these documents on behalf of our client.

For example, the BEP is prepared in order to demonstrate our proposed approach and the capability, capacity and competence of the associated ICT/IST, supply chain, to meet the clients information requirements. It will also list all agreed elements as outlined in the Client Brief or EIR.

All other associated documentation can be provided also like Responsibility Matrix/Model Production Delivery Plan (MPDT) or Master Information Delivery Plan (MIDP) etc

In the event that the client requires a EIR to be created, based on their PIP or AIM documentation, then we can also provide documentation to suit that.

The resulting documentation will be adherent to ISO19650 or PAS1192 Series of standards.

RPP BIM Project examples

DVA Hydebank – Test Centre and Offices

QUB PBM Student Accommodation Dublin Road, Belfast

Belfast Film Studios – Phase 2

Grand Central Station – Belfast Transport Hub

QUB Student Centre – One Elmwood

Animal Health Sciences Building (AHSB) for DAERA

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