Grand Central Station
Belfast’s Transport Hub

Gateway to the City

The new Hub is located on a 9-hectare site in Belfast, previously occupied by a freight depot, rail lands, and culverted rivers. The location and design were influenced by the need for 26 bus stands and specific rail alignment requirements. Situated south of Durham Street, the hub includes a 7,500 square meter station square, the largest new space in the city in 100 years, contributing to a vibrant neighbourhood in Weavers Cross.

The design emphasises an open and welcoming layout with a step-free, day-lit concourse that allows for intuitive way-finding and a central operations area. Retail spaces and amenities are arranged for accessibility without hindering the hub’s primary function. The facility’s design focuses on customer needs and reflects 21st-century expectations for a multi-modal transport hub.

In terms of structure, the building is flexible and robust, with a carefully planned diagram that accommodates various modes of operation. A standardised approach to components ensures reliability and maintenance, with materials generally self-finished and assembled from standard sections for future adaptability.

The engineering design emphasises honesty and coordination in all aspects, from location and access to maintenance and inspection. Attention has been paid to every detail, allowing for future upgrades and changes. Overall, the hub is positioned as the “front door” to the city, reflecting modernity, civic presence, and ambitious design.