Ballinderry Road, Lisburn  for APEX

Housing Development on Ballinderry Road Lisburn

The proposed development presents the opportunity to develop a long-term vacant brownfield site, providing a total of 94nr. social houses, 2nr. NZeB social houses, 17nr. social housing apartments, and 7nr. affordable houses, with public open space, children’s play park, landscaping, car parking, associated site works and infrastructure and access arrangements from Ballinderry Road.

A significant area of the site has been set retained as open space and the proposed provision of an equipped children’s play park with a quality scheme of landscaping will serve to create an attractive and visually pleasing amenity provision for the local community. These factors add to the high quality design of the dwellings to create an attractive living environment for prospective residents.

Planning Approval December 2022Planning Service

Contract Awarded April 2023Completion in January 2026