Northshore Film Studios

Flexible and functional design, takes RPP Architects onto the silver screen….

The latest in a series of projects with Belfast Harbour, the new Belfast Harbour Studios showcases the intelligent architecture that RPP Architects has become renowned for.

The brief was to provide a functional and flexible workspace that provided a blank slate for potential production companies.

The biggest challenge for the team was working to a very tight timescale to successfully deliver a £20m development with exacting environmental and technical demands, without end user input.

RPP Director, Harry McConnell explained, “That was definitely the biggest challenge we faced.  We are, however, well versed in overcoming challenges and though we did not have a specific end user to engage with, we worked closely with NI Screen and consulted them to ensure the design would meet the different needs of production companies.  The inclusion of filming pits and an array of high level gantries in the design followed consultation with the expert team at NI Screen.

The plans for this project were officially unveiled just over a year ago and the quick turnaround required created a challenging programme.  However, it is already clear that the hard work and attention to detail has paid off with an announcement at the start of June that a Superman prequel, KRYPTON, is set to be filmed this summer at the Belfast Harbour Studios. Also the one-hour series from Phantom Four, in association with Warner Horizon Scripted Television, for the popular SYFY channel.

To see a major company such as Warner Horizon using the studio is particularly satisfying.”