Residential Scheme at the Former Park Avenue Hotel Site, Belfast

RPP Architects on behalf of Holywood Holdings recently submitted to Planning a scheme that is intended to provide approximately 90 new homes, 2 and 3 bedroom houses, and 2 bedroom apartments, in a mix of social, affordable and private tenure. The proposal was developed from various feasibility studies through to concept design in conjunction with the rest of the Design Team and meetings with Belfast City Planning, as part of a Pre-Application Development (PAD) process.

The apartment blocks have been designed to respond to the surrounding context in terms of material finishes, massing and existing site level changes. Curved forms were introduced to the primary street corners along the Holywood Road, picking up on the form of the Strand Arts Centre and respecting the listed building opposite the site. The new housing along Sefton Drive are designed to complement the existing dwellings opposite with a duplex apartment block book-ending the housing to create a more defined corner element.
Our primary focus was to provide a sustainable, mixed tenure, residential development, designed with a view to encourage reducing reliance on the private car. In addition to this a detailed landscaping proposal has been developed to integrate the scheme into its surroundings.
The proposal is unique, in that it aims to deliver the first, social housing led, mixed tenure residential development in this part of Belfast. Creating a sustainable addition to East Belfast and addressing the longstanding issue of housing need for the area.
We hope to progress to the next stage of the development in the coming months.

Full Approval Granted October 2021

Planning Service

Submission March 2021

Planning Service

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