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Residential and Community

Shared spaces that bring people together.


Residential and Community

Places to meet up with friends.

High specification, low carbon, attractive places to live and work.

RPP has a long history of providing social housing and community regeneration schemes. In both refurbishment of existing stock and bespoke new build development, we strive to provide spaces that increase social cohesion and strengthen communities whilst being energy efficient and easy to maintain.

Wilton House, Belfast

Blackstaff Road, Residential Development

Cottage Mews Ballymena

Housing Ballinderry Road, Lisburn

Atlantic Point Apartments, Portstewart

Residential Scheme at the Former Park Avenue Hotel Site, Belfast

Galliagh Phase 4 housing for APEX

Adria Residential & Community Development, Strabane

Derryhale Cultra

Kensington Road

The Front Hollywood